Saturday, December 6, 2008

This is my latest poem for the current project we are working on for Clean Place.  The form is Terza Rima, and the theme is penance.

Broken Sky

Sooty clouds choke me, cause my vision to dance
as the scent of sulfur scorches my dull skin.
Chains rub bloodied sores as I breathe my penance.

I can't taste the wind of grace in empty sin,
and my chains assure me I was born for this.
Death is a demon, and he invites me in.

The last bullet is fired, yet I watch it miss
as His arms stretch out across a broken sky.
Please tell me, how did my penance become His?

Chains slide from bloodied wrists, and I know that I
came alive on the day that I watched Him die.


Michelle said...

Elraen, that was remarkable in every sense of the word. Absolutely beautiful. I don't read as much of you CPeeps' works as I'd like to during college, but out of all of the poems I've read by you this semester, this one's my favorite. :)

Joy said...

This is beautiful. :) Reminds me somewhat of the movie The Mission, and it's themes of forgiveness, grace, and penance.

Any said...

I haven't commented on your poetry much, :oops:, but I've been following your entries on Grab Bag, and I think they're all pretty amazing. :)

Liz said...

I have decided this is my favorite poem of all time...It used to be one by robert frost but now its one by mary burklin :)

The imagery and...reality of it, I think, is what draws me in and makes me love it. ♥