Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A New Blog


I'm not sure why this is, but I seem to want to have every single different social page on the internet.  This is my second blog.  I have three YouTube channels.  I have accounts on nine different forums (only three of which I am currently very active on).  I have two photobuckets.  I could go on.

Anyway, much as I like my old blog, there are a few different reasons for using this one.  1) I always felt like I needed to make really long posts on the other one.  This will not be the case with this blog.  If I do write a long, meaningful post, I will post it on my xanga in addition to here; however, this will be more for short tidbits.  2) Blogger is just better than xanga, honestly.  After all, this one lets me edit the HTML!  I am so going to mess with that when I have more time.  3) Most CPers use blogger, and I read several of their blogs anyway, so I might as well get one that's compatible.  4) I already technically had a blogger account anyway, because I helped out with the moot blog this summer.  5) I was already basically blogging through facebook; I recognized that my obsession with writing notes there might get old to those I tag, so I might as well just start a proper blog again.

My old blog is here: .  When I say old, I mean it's almost two and a half years old; I posted on it a bit this summer, but only once this fall.

Anyway, this blog is one of several projects I hope to develop more fully over the upcoming glorious Christmas Break.  For now I'm still playing around with it.


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