Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Georgia Journey Day 2 & 3: Raspberry Cheesecake and Pictures of Straws

Two in one this time; I was too busy Monday morning to write up a post.

I really enjoyed the Ferns' church on Sunday morning. First of all, it started late, which gave me some great sleep-in time. Second, and more seriously, I loved the worship and I loved the sermon. The music there is great; both Mr. and Mrs. Fern help with it (Mrs. Fern on the keyboard and Mr. Fern on the bass). The sermon was also very good. Only the Fern parents, Younger Fern, and I went, as the other Ferns were all sick. We got back, and those who had stayed home already had pizza ready for us for lunch.

The primary afternoon activity was making some raspberry cheesecake bars (gluten free so Younger Fern could have them). That was a lot of fun. I feel so at home when I'm working in the kitchen; I just worry I'm not helping out enough.

We also spent some time in the craftroom, where I was awed and amazed by the Ferns' quilting prowess. Being here makes me feel really lazy, because all of my work is done on the computer; graphic design, video editing, writing, and so on. They're always doing things with their hands, and I feel so pathetic!

We had a good dinner, after which we watched a movie together – Sneakers, which I believe was made in the 80s. It was a well-paced, engaging movie with great cinematography, and I very much enjoyed it. We ate the aforementioned raspberry cheesecake bars (which were delicious). I got to bed at roughly 11:00.

Monday morning started off with breakfast, followed by Younger Fern and I heading down to the music room. I played piano for a few minutes, she played violin for a few minutes, and then we started actually doing it together. It was a lot of fun, and I was amazed by how quickly Younger Fern could pick up melodies.

At 11:00 we headed out to meet Warrior Maiden. We met at Chick-fil-a (which was also a unique experience for me, as it's been many years since I've been there). We spent some time scrambling for conversation, as none of us are known for being loud! But it was fun to see Maiden in a smaller group of people than at the moot. Every time we had nothing to talk about, we started taking pictures of the most random things – like straws. Younger Fern, Maiden and I all have pictures of straws on our cameras.


We had to head back at 2:00 so Elder Fern could go to work, so we took group pictures and then split up.


Younger Fern and I spent the afternoon looking through moot pictures (I think I'm the only one with Mangy's pictures, so she wanted to see those) and iSundae II (one of the Ferns' movies) production pictures, as well as the full-length blooper reel once Elder Fern got back.

By this point it was quickly becoming apparent that I was catching the cold that had been going around the Shafer family. The primary symptom for me was (and is) a very tight, scratchy throat. This is always the primary symptom when I get a cold, for whatever reason. So I constantly had a drink with me, whether tea or a water bottle.

After dinner Younger Fern and I continued to play together in the music room. We must have done that for about an hour before the Dragon Keeper chat started (if you're reading this and you're not a Clean Placer, half the things I'm saying won't make much sense). Then I hauled my laptop up to the loft so we could all attend together. It was great fun to watch the legendary Ferns at the chat. I got to talk to my mother, as she is a regular chat attender, and I also worked on this blog entry.

I headed to bed right after that, cough drops in hand. Hopefully this cold won't be too severe – I don't mind being sick, but I don't want to bring it back to my family!

- Elraen -  

[PS: I haven't figured out how to re-set the timezone on my blog yet.  I most definitely did not post this at 5:45 in the morning; it was closer to 8:45]

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Linda B said...

I'm so glad you got to see Maiden. Did you record any of your music sessions?