Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break '09 Thus Far

I don’t really have the mental or emotional energy to write a full blog post, so you’re getting a somewhat choppy one. I just feel like I should be doing something to update it.

I am on Spring “Break.” More like “Spring Extra Work” for me, but I’ve had a few extra hours of time, which I guess is better than nothing. Here’s what I’ve done since Spring Break started early on Friday afternoon:

- Ruined a pair of shoes puddle jumping

- Was practically begged by a blacksmith/martial arts teacher to take his classes

- Was followed home by a new sword (no, I had nothing to do with its sudden appearance…)

- Was called “Blondie” by a random old guy and told that I’m too tall so I need to be chopped off at the knees (can you say c-r-e-e-p-y?)

- Went to Starbucks, got an espresso and wasn’t even vaguely effected

- Printed 53 random pictures

- Watched Anywhere draw all over Telpe’s socks

- Spent two mornings doing inventory at the Library

- Streaked my hair blue with Sharpies

- Discovered that it’s very possible to sneak around the lobby, balconies, and dressing rooms of my University’s performing arts center without anyone finding you

- Discovered that keyboards are much more complicated than pianos and sound a lot worse

- Made my sister wade into a dirty pond (in the name of art)

- Headbanged in an elevator

- Swung on a swing for the first time in years

- Played piano by candle light

- Headbanged by fire light

- Burned a short novel’s worth of Biology notes while laughing gleefully and singing Skillet

- Listened through Relient K’s first two albums

- Spent an hour and a half sorting through records of government documents and attempting to match up bar codes

- Wrote a poem primarily consisting of Relient K’s song titles

- Discovered it’s a bad idea to try to dance to Switchfoot while holding a plate piled with hash browns and ketchup

- Did not do enough homework

There you have it, in a few words. I’ve finished up the absolutely necessary homework for two classes, and need to start in on my Biology paper and my Exegesis paper as well as starting research for a group presentation in Communications and beginning work on my History paper. “Break” is a relative term.

- Elraen


MangyCat said...

Oh goodness, what adventures! I loved the list, and honestly a list is sometimes better than a long, drawn out explanation of a blog entry anyway. And besides, you have more important things to do! ;o)

Thanks for the update! Been thinking about you lately. Especially yesterday when I had a Skillet song stuck in my head.

Warrior Maiden said...

Yeah, I think that when I was taking a chemistry class, I had more work to do during the "break" than in the normal weeks. It's sad.

Sounds like you've done some fun things, though.

Rebekah said...

Sounds like fun to me. :)) (Except the "chopped off at the knees" part. That's just weird.)