Thursday, January 22, 2009


I tend to try to have pretty structured posts, but this will be just whatever random junk is drifting around in my head.  Not very interesting, but it gives me something to do in order to unwind for a few minutes before starting homework again.

Almost done with my third week.  That makes it almost a fifth of the way through the semester.  By the end of next week it will be a fourth of the way through.  I just got back from my first test of the semester; as usual, I have no idea how it went.

I have my first Biology test on Monday, along with my first speech.  I'm dreading both, but the speech more than the Bio test.  The only thing with the test is that I have to make sure I don't repeat last semester (when I failed the first two Biology tests... yes, not just the first, but the second as well, AND the lab midterm.  I win at failing.  Hah.).  However, I developed a new strategy for Biology studying.

You see, I have a tendency to get these random punk rock songs I've only heard a few times stuck in my head.  So I decided to try singing all the Biology terms I had to memorize to them.  The other day I had Wake Me Up When September Ends running through my head, so I memorized the ten phyla of plants to that tune.

Bryophytes, nonvascular plants 
hepatophyta liverworts. 
Wake me up when Bio class ends. 
Anthocerophyta has hornworts
bryophyta mosses 
wake me up when Bio class ends. 
Vascular plants (seedless), lycophyta moss
pterophytes have all the ferns 
seed plants have gymnosperms...

...and so on.  It worked beautifully.  I was quizzed over those terms on Wednesday, and it was the first time I got an A on a Bio quiz this semester.  Perhaps more importantly, it provided a way for me to study that I actually liked - combining my unending obsession with music with a task that had to be done really worked well.  I'm thinking Hey There Delilah will soon have rather different lyrics in my head...

Aside from all that, school is... well, it's as it always is.  I guess a little better than last semester.  I glanced over one of the very few journal entries I wrote last semester, and just reading through it realized that last semester started out much, much worse than this one has.  Maybe that means this semester will be better all the way through.  I can't say yet.

I've been seriously CPer-sick today, but I have to remind myself that it's not going to last forever.  One of the amazing CPers is coming to spend several weeks with us starting in March.  She's an incredible girl, and I've wanted to meet her in person for months now, so to say I'm happy she's coming would be quite the understatement.

I need something to look forward to.  I've said this many times before.  For some strange reason, it just helps.

Speaking of things to look forward to... Skillet has been in the studio for 10 days as of right now.  Their new album will be released sometime mid to late summer.  I've been following that with interest (of course).  Red's new album will be released in 18 days.  I'm also looking forward to that... honestly, this album is going to make End of Silence look absolutely pathetic.  I've heard four songs (and part of a fifth) off of the new one already, and it just may bump Red up to my second-favorite band.  Though that also depends on what Anberlin and Relient K release in the next few years.

Since I'm talking about music anyway... if you like softer Christian rock, you should look up Trading Yesterday.  They're now under the name The Age of Information, but their Trading Yesterday work was much better.  The band was started by the former keyboardist of Evanescence.  They have some of the most poetic lyrics I've ever heard, particularly in the song Shattered.

A final note: for those of you who didn't know this, I am officially doing Project 365.  You can find my Photo Blog, Photographic Melody, in my profile.

OK.  I've been self-centered for long enough, and have plenty of other things I need to be doing.  Have a good day!

- Elraen -


Joy said...

Trading Yesterday... hmmm. I love the piano/keyboard in Evanescence... so it's my bet I'll love it. Thanks for suggesting!

Liz said...

oh hey there song was stuck in my head during our ENTIRE graduation ceremony...oh man it was great... :) i can't wait to hear the song you make out of that one ^_^

Any said...

-hugs- I'm really glad this semester seems to be going better than the last. I hope it keeps on being better. :)

Raen, you rock! I get some of those same songs stuck in my head...I'll end up with some of your lyrics in there instead soon enough. ^_^ Maybe next time it comes on the radio I'll end up singing your version just to weird my family out... :6:

And -gasps- I just realised that's me you were talking about. :oops: I was all, "another CPer's coming the /same time/ I am?" :oops:

I'm so glad you're looking forward to me visiting...and I really, seriously can't wait. :D