Sunday, August 2, 2009

Under the Stars

[Written July 27, 2009, under the stars in Yosemite. I felt like sharing it - I'm not really sure why.]

The stars open above me as I write tonight. Soon the sky will blaze with silver. Tonight is my last here, and I wanted to see them one last time. They remind me of hope.

Night is kind to the scarred ones. It hides them, grants them silence and space. The space can become terrifying, at first glance. That's because it looks empty. But when we walk through that darkness, the candle of love held high in shaking hand, we see lights opening above us, around us. We see the stars. We see the hope, the beauty, the peace, that never fails to shine in even the darkest sky. Clouds may cast a momentary veil over our view, but they cannot endure. Love is always strongest, and it never gives up.

God gave the stars especially to those who understand and have seen the bitter emptiness found in night. He scattered them as angels to watch over us on silver wings. He wanted us to know htat he hasn't forgotten about us, and so, even with our scars and fears and failures, we can be brave enough not to forget about Him - about love. About the hope in the stars.

- Elraen -


Anonymous said...

That was very beautifully put, Raen. :) It really touched me. You have a great way with words. Love you. And I can't wait to see you at the lock-in! - Angel

Liss said...

Thank you.

Liz said...

I printed this out and am going to hang it on my wall *hugs* I'm glad you shared this. ♥

Lethie said...

This is amazingly beautiful and uplifting. <3 remember the stars<3