Monday, February 16, 2009

Input Please?

I started a new writing project today. On Clean Place, the Christian writer's forum I'm on, we're doing a project called “Adopt A Plot,” where essentially we all post plots and “adopt” a plot someone else posts, and then we write it.

I adopted a plot that one of our mentors posted:

Your MC decides to participate in Project365 (where you take a picture a day for a year), and after a few months, he/she notice that in several of the photos there is a mysterious presence (it can be a person, an item, but it can't be a blur). He/She starts to investigate, but are they ready for what happens next?”

As most of you reading this probably know, I am actually participating in Project 365: Elraen's Project 365

So, I've had a few ideas with this. One is that the story is named after my Project 365 blog (Photographic Melody). Another is that I hope to actually take some of the pictures I'll be mentioning in the story, just because I think that would be beyond awesome (I love tying things together, and letting my writing and my reality collide... though sometimes I can hardly tell the difference between the two).

I'm almost done with the first scene. But, I have a question: does anyone want me to post the story here on my blog? I don't know how many people who aren't already on Clean Place read this... I know Liz does, and my mother does, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Esteleth and Rose look at it from time to time. So, if any of you want me to post the story here on my blog, please let me know. If you wanted I could also kind of talk about some of the “behind the scenes” stuff, some of what goes through my head when I write things like this.

It's very tempting to give away spoilers right now, but I won't. I'll keep them to myself for the next few weeks.

- Elraen -


Liz said...

oh my gosh yes!! post it on here!! it sounds very very cool!! i love reading other people's work...and well, you already know i love yours :P ;)

so...yes! post! :D

MangyCat said...

Excellent idea! I love the prospect of tying your own pictures into the story. How amazing will that be? Yes! Yes!

But do you think it would make sense to either link to your story posts on this blog from the photo blog or post the story directly on the photo blog? You could give your insider details and commentary on this blog, while the story stays with the pictures on the other one. Just a thought!